This study states that Infection of prosthetic aortic grafts represents a serious complication with high morbidity and mortality. Replacement with autologous material is recommended; however, in its absence, biological material should be favored. In the present retrospective cohort study, we evaluated the short- and midterm results with the use of commercially available prefabricated bovine pericardium grafts (BPGs) used for the management of aortic graft infection or aortic reconstructive surgery in the presence of systemic infection. We performed a retrospective analysis of patients in whom BPGs had been used for aortic reconstruction at two vascular centers. Prefabricated vascular pericardium grafts were preferred over other biological reconstruction techniques for selected cases. Comorbidities, procedure-related details, perioperative morbidity, clinical outcomes, and mortality were analyzed. The major comorbidities included arterial hypertension, peripheral artery disease, smoking, and chronic pulmonary disease. The indications for surgery were vascular graft or endograft infection in 62% and aortic reconstruction in the presence of systemic infection in 38%. Three patients (14%) had aortoenteric fistulas.

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