Evaluate medical students’ communication skills with a standardized patient (SP) requesting a low value test and describe challenges students identify in addressing the request.
In this mixed-methods study, third-year students from two medical schools obtained a history, performed a physical examination, and counseled an SP presenting with uncomplicated low back pain who requests an MRI which is not indicated. SP raters evaluated student communication skills using a 14-item checklist. Post-encounter, students reported whether they ordered an MRI and challenges faced.
Students who discussed practice guidelines and risks of unnecessary testing with the SP were less likely to order an MRI. Students cited several challenges in responding to the SP request including patient characteristics and circumstances, lack of knowledge about MRI indications and alternatives, and lack of communication skills to address the patient request.
Most students did not order an MRI for uncomplicated LBP, but only a small number of students educated the patient about the evidence to avoid unnecessary imaging or the harm of unnecessary testing.
Knowledge about unnecessary imaging in uncomplicated LBP may be insufficient to adhere to best practices and longitudinal training in challenging conversations is needed.

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