A few studies have found that esophageal air events (EAEs), such as air-swallows, may be linked to symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux illness (GERD). To objectively test the hypothesis that all EAE types can be associated with GERD-like symptoms, researchers removed the impedance “tags” from the GER episodes and instead tagged either air-swallows, supragastric belches, or gastric belches in each of three copies of the 24-hour impedance tracing for two infant patients with symptoms suggestive of GER as an etiology. 

All EAE categories were substantially related with 1 or more of the GERD-like symptom types in both babies, according to impedance system software (MMS) studies. These findings emphasize the necessity of investigating alternative diagnosis when establishing care methods for newborns with GERD-like symptoms.