There has been tremendous growth in the medical field in the country of the United Kingdom. The research has been conducted extensively in the field of radiotherapy which is used to treat cancer patients. The government of the United Kingdom has already established a Cancer Research UK Radiotherapy Research network, the purpose of which is to ensure that the progress and innovation with respect to the treatments which are available for the cancer patients. However, despite the government and the law enforcement authorities have made every possible attempt to ensure that the research in form is compromised, however, despite that, the number of the persons who used to hold the post of a researcher in oncology departments has considerably decreased. Therefore, what matters at the end is basically the fact that what might be the reason for this downfall in the number of researchers. The primary reason for this downfall is the reason that the maximum number of doctors who are interested in the field of oncology might be interested in medical oncology as compared to clinical oncology. Due to the fewer number of people are responsible for this, therefore, the number of training research sessions for clinical oncology is considerably very less. Therefore, this is the reason why the number of researchers is decreasing.

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