This study states that Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)  is a neuromuscular issue portrayed by degeneration of spinal engine neurons . The clinical range is expansive, traditionally  incorporating three sorts with pediatric beginning, with type 1 detailed as the extreme type of SMA. A pre-birth structure, clinically more serious than type 1 was accounted for in 1999.1 This structure, marked as type 0 SMA, is portrayed by an away from history of decreased fetal developments and is related, upon entering the world, with significant hypotonia and shortcoming, contractures, taking care of challenges, and extreme respiratory deficiency with need for revival and mechanical ventilator support. In newborn children with type 0 SMA the SMN2 duplicate number is frequently restricted to one copy. The appearance of Nusinersen has changed the point of view of endurance, engine, and respiratory capacity and personal satisfaction in sort 1 infants.5-7 We report our experience of a male baby influenced by type 0 SMA who got early treatment with Nusinersen. Neurological assessment indicated checked summed up solid shortcoming, significant summed up hypotonia, and tongue fasciculation and missing reflexes. There were feet, lower leg, popliteal, and elbow contractures with hand distortions however no webbing. Suck and swallow reflexes were missing. Hereditary tests upon entering the world affirmed pre-birth determination. Transthoracic echocardiography uncovered two ostium secundum atrial sept imperfections and one apical sept deformity.

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