Obesity is the most frequent medical issue in women of reproductive age, and obstetricians–gynecologists are the main experts in women’s health care. Obesity is such a widespread illness in women that the consequences for pregnancy are frequently missed, neglected, or disregarded due to a lack of clear evidence-based treatment choices. Obesity control necessitates long-term strategies that range from population-based public health and economic efforts to individual dietary, behavioral, or surgical therapies. As a result, learning how to control obesity during pregnancy is critical, and care should begin before pregnancy and continue into the postpartum period. Although the obstetrician or other obstetric care professional must be involved in the care of the obese woman during pregnancy, additional health care professionals, such as nutritionists, can offer specific expertise related to management depending on the obstetric care professional’s comfort level. 

The goal of this Practice Bulletin is to provide an integrated approach to the management of obesity in pregnant women of reproductive age.