Pandemics like the outbreak of the novel coronavirus have raised several concerns for the authorities at large. In the garb of protecting each other and standing in unity, this world has distanced itself socially. However, there are certain mistakes which tend to ruin the efforts of trillions of people worldwide. No matter, any person who is seen flouting the government regulations these days is put into the correctional facilities which include jails and prisons, however, these facilities have become the second largest breeding ground for the spread of the virus. With the number of cases brimming in these facilities, it is in the greater need of the hour that the authorities take steps for protecting the health of these forefront warriors. This can only be ensured when these facilities are depopulated. Therefore, it is important for the Government of the United States of America to realise that these people are sacrificing their lives for protecting the law and order of the country, therefore, it is their duty to ensure that their health is protected. Therefore, the Government needs to ensure that these people are provided with additional safeguards to ensure that they and their families are safe.