The aim of this paper is to give an up-to-date progress in recent clinical studies on the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis signs and symptoms and associated diseases. Recent investigations of several kinds of immunotherapy have indicated great progress. As a potential complementary therapy solution, nutritional therapies such as probiotics have emerged. Novel delivery modalities, including as contact lenses, and a new tacrolimus formulation were further researched to increase the eye level of the medication.

Primary progress has now moved from new ophthalmic medicines to Immunotherapy and improved drug addiction in the management of allergic conjunctivitis. The basic subcutaneous, sublingual, new epicutaneous and intralymph immunotherapy techniques as well as an edible rice vaccine are included in this study. New therapy objectives have encouraged development in new antagonistic medicines like prostaglandin D2. The formulation Marinosolv by tacrolimus is promising for various ophthalmic drugs and can be considered for the future. Other treatments such as a mechanical barrier gel and stenting have been shown to be of value for the treatment of ocular problems.