: To determine the prevalence and spectrum of ocular manifestations in PLHIV (people living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus) on cART (combined Antiretroviral Therapy) and correlate them with WHO clinical staging, CD4 count, duration & type of cART.: Observational cross-sectional study. Ophthalmic evaluation of 350 PLHIV on cART (at least 6 months) was done. Logistic regression was done to correlate ocular findings with different variables. Results: Prevalence of ocular, anterior & posterior segment manifestations was 15.71%, 10.86%, and 4.00%, respectively. Dry eye(8.00%) being the most common finding. PLHIV with CD4 count ≤350 (OR = 3.1, < 0.001), in WHO stage 3 (OR = 26.9, = 0.004) & 4(OR = 60.7, < 0.001) & on 3lineART were at much higher risk of ocular manifestations as compared to those on 2 (OR = 2.83) and 1line (OR = 6.6) of therapy. Duration of treatment had a protective ( = 0.01) effect on bilateral manifestations.: With early initiation of ART, there is significant reduction in the overall prevalence of ocular findings, in the number of opportunistic ophthalmic infections and blinding disorders. Of all the reported ocular findings, anterior segment disorder emerged more often.