Oncologist Compensation Report 2013

Oncologist Compensation Report 2013

Nearly 22,000 physicians across 25 specialty areas participated in Medscape’s third physician compensation report.  Data collected among oncologists surveyed found that oncology was the 10th highest ranked specialty, with a mean income of $278,000 (click here to view the average income by specialty).

Orthopedics ($405,000), Cardiology ($357,000), Radiology ($349,000), Gastroenterology ($342,000), Urology ($340,000), Anesthesiology ($337,000), Plastic Surgery ($317,000), Dermatology ($306,000), and General Surgery ($279,000) ranked above Oncology.

Ten percent of oncologists earn $500,000 per year or more, and 14% earn $100,000 per year or less. From 2011-2012, 46% of oncologists said that their compensation remained the same.

Oncologists in the Southwest earn the highest compensation ($347,000), compared to the Northeast, which earns the lowest compensation ($230,000):

onc sal by location

Source: Medscape

Other highlights from Medscape’s report include the following:

A significant pay gap continues to exist between full-time male and female physicians. Men earned $293,000 on average, compared to $240,000 for women.

51% of oncologists feel fairly compensated

51% of oncologists would choose medicine as a career if they had to do it all over, while 57% would choose the same specialty.

The largest percentage of oncologists (25%) spends 30 to 40 hours per week seeing patients.

25% of oncologists see between 25 and 49 patients per week, and 26% of oncologists see between 50 and 75 patients per week.

Due to the nature of the specialty, oncologists spend a considerable amount of time with each patient: 32% spend a mean of 17-20 minutes with each patient, and 27% see patients 21 minutes or longer.

32% of oncologists spend 10-14 hours a week on paperwork and administrative activity (24% spend 5 to 9 hours).

38% say the gratitude and relationships with patients are the most rewarding part of the job, while 28% say being very good at what I do/finding answers, diagnoses.

Click here to view the full Physician Compensation 2013 report by Medscape.