The purpose of this study was to make an in depth comparison of the optical performance of a two intraocular lens system with that of a single capsular bag trifocal IOL to see which one is a better option.

The two-IOL configuration of a monofocal RayOne Aspheric and a Sulcoflex Trifocal lens was compared in vitro with a single-lens option to check the effectiveness. The impact of the supplementary lens mis-alignment on the MTF was tested to see the impact. The two-IOL system produced three well-defined focal peaks comparable to those of the single lens in the electronic graph generated for the sake of comparison and comprehension.

A moderate decentration had a minimal effect at intermediate and near on the supplementary lens MTF and no impact at far. The supplementary lens caused a 1.3% decrease in the optical power.

The optical quality of the two-IOL system matched that of the single trifocal lens.A low-power supplementary IOL showed a high tolerance level to misalignment and minimal light attenuation. The two-IOL approach has a property of reversibility that may prove advantageous in the clinical settings.