Oral anaphylaxis due to food intake contaminated with mites (OMA, oral mite anaphylaxis) is an allergic reaction that can represent life risk for patients. There are reports of cases from different parts of the world and they involve mainly processed foods based on wheat flour contaminated with mites of several families of the Astigmatina cohort. However, it remains as a little known and difficult to diagnose syndrome. The objective of this study was to describe the first clinical case of OMA due to the consumption of oat flakes in Panama City, Panama.
Female patient of 39-years-old was entered an emergency room with allergic cutaneous and respiratory symptoms one hour after ingesting granola and oatmeal with milk at breakfast. After antiallergic treatment, the cause of allergy was determined by applying skin prick tests for ingested food and house mites. Results indicated a negative reaction for food and positive for mites. The mite analysis of the food samples directed in the identification of the species Blattisocius keegani and Suidasia pontifica, with a high density of the latter in flaked oats.
This work is the first worldwide report of anaphylaxis due to consumption of oats contaminated with mites.