It has become one of the most important concern these days that people are becoming prone to many diseases during the initial years of their lives. The ratio of this chaos has actually increased and hence, the death rate of people has also increased in the meantime. There is a prevalence of a different type of disease altogether. And this, disease is also known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis disease. This disease is one of the most common diseases which is prevalent in the bones. The population was 7875 and they were studied very extensively. This was revealed in the results that the rate of the incidence was increased by up to 87 percent and hence, they were 89 percent more prone to get affected by this disease. In addition, there has been more relevance being laid down here. This could be the possible reason for the the non-administration of the required nutrients like vitamin B complex and its allied types and hence, it was discovered that these vitamins play a vital role in boosting the immune system of the person by an added amount of 12.4 percent.

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