To determine astigmatic and intraocular pressure changes after 23G transconjunctival parsplana vitrectomy in diabetic retinopathy cases with the use of temporary 10/0 nylon suture to sclerotomy site.
The prospective experimental study was conducted during 2018 at Zaheer Laser Eye Centre, Sargodha, Pakistan, and comprised patients with confirmed diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy. Postsurgery, 10/0 nylon suture was removed on 1st postoperative day and astigmatism and intraocular pressure were measured on day, at 1 week, 1 month and 3 months. Data was analysed using SPSS 19.
Of the 120 patients, 60(50%) each were women and men. The overall mean age was 54.01±13.81years. Mean intraocular pressure before surgery was 19.98±3.19mmHg, and 3 months after the surgery it was 19.98±1.89 mmHg. Mean corneal astigmatic reading before surgery was 1.25±0.85 and after 3 months post-surgery, it was 1.42±0.71. The mean values remained statistically non-significant across all the follow-up points (p>0.05).
Astigmatism and intraocular pressure changed non significantly after 23G trans-conjunctival p ar s p la na v i t rec tomy a nd tempor a r y s u tur in g of s c le ro tomi es u s i ng 1 0 / 0 ny l o n .