To present the most recent information on the results and costs of ureteric stent removal systems that are single-use, disposable (Isiris) was the purpose of this study. Whether compared to a reusable flexible cystoscope (re-FC), a disposable flexible cystoscope (d-FC) with built-in grasper (Isiris) considerably reduced procedural time and offered a cost benefit when utilised in a ward or outpatient clinic-based context, according to our review. Endoscopy slots might potentially be utilised for other urgent diagnostic procedures thanks to the usage of d-FC.

For ureteric stent removal, disposable FCs are both effective and safe. They provide greater flexibility and, in most situations, have been shown to be more cost-effective than re-FCs. They are particularly beneficial in remote, low-volume centres, less-developed nations, and centres with high demand for endoscopic resources.