The surgeons were able to contribute to the opioid epidemic by overproducing and overprescribing the postoperative pain and hence, excess unused opioids may be diverted for misuse and abuse. It was revealed that the main objective of the patients had to be undergoing outpatient anorectal procedures which were helpful in many ways. The primary outcomes which were linked with around 785 people, showcased that the majority of them were able to undergo the therapy of fistula. This was basically linked with an examination of anesthesia. The patients which were known to have been undergoing these outcomes were able to show that the median range was 15 and the range was around 1-50 lbs per gallons. The results also highlighted that the primary reliance of 78 percent of patients was basically linked with fistula therapy. This was very much helpful in various regards and hence, it highlighted the scope in the best possible manner. The results highlighted that the scope was limited and hence the ph levels were also regulated in the best possible manner.

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