Pandemics like the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has once again focussed the attention of the world over the state of the health infrastructure in the countries worldwide. This has again raised the question, how much prepared is the world to put up a tough front against such a deadly virus. No wonder, in this state of pandemic, the entire world has stood together by distancing themselves socially by locking up themselves within the four walls of the room for the greater good and welfare of the community.

In addition to showing unity at such critical times, it is equally important to study the epidemiology of the disease. This requires the scientists to spend time in order to understand the transmission of the disease. This takes the world back to ensure that there is sufficient scope of public health surveillance. Therefore, there is aneed for the Institutional Review Boards in the United States of America to realize the need of the hour and hence, make every possible attempt to understand the nature and the type of the virus. The results of the research are likely to be stored in the publicly accessed databases. However, this in no way would compromise  the privacy of the people.