Researchers conducted this study to assess the short-term acceptability, aspects of use, and user satisfaction with the Oves® cap.

The primary outcome measures were ease of fitting and removal of the cap expressed in structured and open-ended questions by both cap users and doctors; satisfaction of women and partners with the lid, measured by a desire to use the cap in the future premature withdrawal from the trial.

Twenty women used the cap on a total of 84 occasions. Four women completed the trial of six uses. While most doctors did not have difficulty with fittings or removals, 10/20 Oves® cap users reported some problem fitting it over the cervix, and 12 reported some difficulty removing it in the first three uses. Fewer women had trouble fitting in services 4-6, but nearly half continued to have some removal problems.

The study concluded that few women indicated that they would use the cap in the future. However, most women were satisfied with their current method of contraception. The study raises whether women using non-barrier methods and confidence with their current contraception methods are the appropriate target recruits for a trial such as this, even in the absence of robust efficacy data.