The disease of cancer is already life taking. The people who have been diagnosed with this disease already live a life of extreme risk. They are in constant fear to live. However, this disease is likely to be more dangerous for people who have been already been in their old age. In the present situation, there are instances wherein the radiation therapy which is used to cure the people is underutilized in various countries. This is technical because of the reason that people these days are becoming extremely careful in using this therapy as a straitjacket solution to cure the deadly disease of cancer in every age. Therefore, what matters the most is basically the fact, that people are becoming aware of the ill-effects of such therapies in the countries which have a greater degree of the elderly population. This is extremely helpful in assuring that the quality of life of every patient diagnosed with this deadly disease is maintained and there is no compromise that might follow. Therefore, in order to make this radiation equally helpful for the people in treating cancer, the scientist must also study genetics and its effects on understanding how efficiently this may work.

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