There has been a large amount of confusion that has been prevailing so far in order to measure the content of older adults are spending their time at home after receiving the surgical treatment for cancer. This is because if the reason that the medical industry wants to develop for those set of guidelines which will bet the most productive in repairing the cells of the patients in the best possible manner. Hence, for conducting this research nearly 82,245 people were studied in a duration of one year and it was revealed that the patients were mostly above the age of 70 years. Hence, it was very evident to ascertain that 98 percent of the patients were in the position to recover in a very fruitful manner at their hometowns after receiving the surgery of cancer. This was evident by the fact that nearly 70 percent of the people after operation were able to come back to normalcy once they were given the time duration of one year to recover at homes. This highlights the importance of mental health and mental calm in cooling themselves in the best possible manner.

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