Mastectomy patients’ satisfaction with reconstructive options has not been examined.
A national study measured 18-month satisfaction with reconstructive options and collected case-mix and reconstructive offer and uptake data on breast cancer patients having mastectomy with or without immediate reconstruction (IR) in England between January 2008 and March 2009. Multivariable logistic regression examined the relationship between satisfaction, age, IR offer and uptake, and clinical suitability.
Of 4796 patients, 1889 were not offered IR, 1489 declined an offer and 1418 underwent it. Women not offered IR were more likely older, obese or smokers and had higher ASA grades, ECOG scores, tumour burdens and adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy likelihoods (9% of lowest suitability group offered IR; 81% in highest suitability group). 83.7% were satisfied with their reconstructive options, varying significantly by IR offer and uptake (76.1% for those not offered IR; 85.8% for those who declined IR; 91.7% following IR). Older women and women deemed more suitable for IR were more often satisfied (p-values <0.001).
Satisfaction varied by offer and uptake status, age and suitability score. Clinicians should target equity for women deemed unsuitable by exploring their needs and desired outcomes, standardising operative fitness assessments and utilising shared decision-making aids.

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