The aim of this study is To assess the remedy of various levels of penile twist following a stepping stool step with the goal that easier advances are utilized at whatever point conceivable. This can keep away from the dismalness and entanglements of complex techniques.

Instances of intrinsic and procured penile twist were fixed on a stepping stool step premise regardless of the level of twist, beginning with degloving and skin realignment, at that point a dorsal dartos fold lastly corporopexy. The twist is checked with fake erection after each progression, and whenever revised totally then the following step(s) is overlooked.

25 instances of penile twist (30–180°) were fixed over a 4-year time span. Three cases were amended by degloving just, 12 by degloving and skin realignment, five by a dartos fold and four required a corporopexy. Postoperative difficulties included five instances of penile edema, one instance of hematoma and one instance of dorsal skin gangrene. Remaining twist of <15° happened in three cases. No cases required re-try a medical procedure. A stepping stool step approach is a decent alternative for penile twist fix, beginning with easier procedures until complete revision is accomplished. There is no compelling reason to design an unpredictable strategy ahead of time.

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