The aim is To break down the achievement and complexity paces of percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) acted in pediatric patients and to look at results of the patients going through essential PCNL with those of patients who had gone through past open nephrolithotomy.

Patient attributes, pre-and postoperative hematocrit and creatinin levels, usable time, fluoroscopic screening time, stone free rate, difficulties and hospitalization time were reported and thought about.

There were no critical contrasts between the gatherings in sex, stone weight, pre-and postoperative hematocrit levels. PCNL can be acted in pediatric patients who have recently gone through open nephrolithotomy yet the achievement rates might be lower and hazard of gut injury higher. NCCT ought to be thought about preoperatively for patients who have recently gone through open renal medical procedures to research the presence of retrorenal colons. Our examination incorporates generally couple of patients with a background marked by open a medical procedure and we accept that extra clinical investigations with bigger quantities of patients are expected to affirm our underlying discoveries.

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