The present clinical and histologic case reports describe the periodontal plastic approaches used for the correction of gingival deformities following free gingival grafting (FGG) procedures. Five patients with poor esthetic and functional outcomes following soft tissue grafting voluntarily requested corrective treatment due to differences in color, texture, thickness, and mucogingival junction (MGJ) alignment between grafted and adjacent tissue, or because of food retention apical to the grafted site. Plastic surgical approaches included eliminating the thick borders the graft, aligning the MGJ, and reducing the excessive apicocoronal dimension of the graft. Histologic images confirmed the morphologic differences between the graft and adjacent alveolar mucosa. After intervention, all treated sites achieved a satisfactory esthetic appearance and function, with a soft tissue anatomy indistinguishable from those of adjacent sites. All patients agreed that their goals for the treatment were completely fulfilled.