Increasing evidence suggests pernio-like lesions are cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19.
To describe clinical and pathologic findings of pernio-like lesions in confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases.
An international dermatology registry was circulated to healthcare providers worldwide through the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), International League of Dermatologic Societies (ILDS), and other organizations.
We documented 505 patients with dermatologic manifestations associated with COVID-19, including 318 (63%) with pernio-like lesions. Patients with pernio-like lesions were generally young and healthy, with relatively mild COVID-19. Of 318 cases confirmed or suspected as COVID-19 by providers, twenty-three cases (7%) were laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 positive, and 20 others (6%) were close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases. Given current testing criteria, many patients lacked COVID-19 testing access. For 55% of patients, pernio-like lesions were their only symptom. In patients with other COVID-19 symptoms, pernio-like lesions typically appeared after other symptoms. Pernio-like lesions lasted a median of 14 days (IQR 10-21).
A case series cannot estimate population level incidence or prevalence. Additionally, there may be confirmation bias in reporting. We cannot exclude an epiphenomenon.
Pernio-like skin changes of the feet and hands, without another explanation, may suggest COVID-19 infection and should prompt confirmatory testing.

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