The aim of the present study was evaluating the effects and safety of new laser light source in PDD and PDT of basal cell carcinoma, BCC. The patients presented challenging localizations of the tumor or tumor combined with Gorlin syndrome. The PDD and PDT was performed in 50 patients with 54 histologically confirmed BCCs. The photosensitizer precursor, 5-ALA in cream, was used and the tumors were then illuminated, for PDD at 405 nm, and for PDT at 638 nm by means of newly designed laser. The novel feature of the laser was the combination of violet and red light in a single fiber output which enabled to perform PDD and PDT alternatingly. The patients received one or more PDT sessions and they were observed during the next 36 months. The complete responses (CR, remissions) of the lesions were considered as no visible tumor after that time period. CR were observed in 87% of the lesions in the entire group of patients. The results of present study proved that the new laser was effective in producing satisfactory responses in the treatment of basal cell carcinoma.
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