A recent survey found almost 1 in 2 physicians experience one significant symptom of burnout. Do you experience one of the top four symptoms of burnout?

Published online this month in JAMA, a national survey of more than 7,000 U.S. physicians found that almost half (45.8%) admit to having at least one symptom of burnout.

Responses from the physicians were compared with those of a sample of 3,442 working adults from the general population. The study found that physicians were more likely to have symptoms of burnout, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and to be dissatisfied with work-life balance:

The authors, led by Tait D. Shanafelt, MD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota conclude that “The fact that almost 1 in 2 US physicians has symptoms of burnout implies that the origins of this problem are rooted in the environment and care delivery system rather than in the personal characteristics of a few susceptible individuals.”

For the full study, click here.

Physician’s Weekly wants to know…how do you think policy makers and healthcare organizations should address physician burnout?