The author of this article is Manish Chauhan, a digital marketing manager at myPracticeReputation.

As healthcare continues to become more digitized for both practices and hospitals, the doctor-patient relationship has evolved from direct communication to interactions using digital platforms. For the good of your business and digital reputation, it is important to embrace this change. To attract new patients, physicians need to think like patients and provide solutions according to their needs and preferences.

If you are trying to attract new patients, use these steps:

  1. Communicate with them frequently to learn about how they feel about your practice.
  2. Encourage open communication to build positive relationships.
  3. Combine email, face-to-face interactions, social media, physician-reviewed websites
  4. Phone access to connect and communicate with patients and enhance your brand image.

A key component of digital healthcare marketing is to inform, influence, and motivate patients to make better health decisions to improve their quality of life. Leverage social media to meet this objective. Educate patients about how to obtain health information, receive support, and set health goals to build loyalty as well as a positive reputation.

Your online presence is critical. A well-designed, responsive website can serve as an excellent gateway to attract new patients. It distinguishes your practice or hospital as a unique brand and helps you to stay ahead of the competition. Once you start, continue to explore, innovate, and strategize your marketing plans by thinking through the eyes of patients.

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