The author of this article is Sue Jacques, a professionalism expert who specializes in medical and corporate civility.

It is imperative to have a solid strategy when the time comes to replace a staff member or add a new one. Systematizing your search and creating guidelines for interviews can help you streamline the process. The following steps can help you develop protocols to complete the vetting and interviewing process efficiently, effectively, and economically:

  1. Review and revise policies & duties. Before posting a new job, work with your executive group to evaluate the roles and responsibilities of each position currently in the practice. Determine if job descriptions are still accurate and make amendments when necessary.
  2. Systematically screen applications. Create a series of screening guidelines to follow when applications start rolling in. Remain objective by setting up no more than five asset categories.
  3. Schedule ample time for interviews. Set aside enough time to get a fundamental idea of who the person is, how they’ll augment the practice, and ways in which you’ll complement each other’s skill sets.
  4. Discuss your clinic’s culture. Declaring your underlying philosophy provides clarity about how you foresee working together.
  5. Develop a short list and perform second interviews. This is your opportunity to delve deeper into how your practice operates while learning more about chosen applicants.
  6. Offer the position and welcome the person aboard warmly. Schedule time for the new hire to meet others, become familiar with their surroundings, review appointment and payment practices, and get to work.

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