Physicians Practice: 7 Ways for Doctors to Relax

Physicians Practice: 7 Ways for Doctors to Relax
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Eric Sprey

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Eric Sprey


The author of this article is Eric Sprey, associate editor at Physicians Practice.

Consciously choosing to have a positive outlook on life may improve your mood. It can also motivate others around you to become more positive about their jobs. Here are other strategies to relax more as a physician:

  1. Mentor. Balance your clinical practice with another professional pursuit, such as teaching or practice administration and/or leadership. This may help you feel more fulfilled.
  1. Volunteer. Developing outside interests like volunteering in the community or abroad can be a buffer to stress.
  1. Practice mindful meditation. This type of meditation can reduce stress, but the key is to carve out time to put it into action, even if it is just 10 minutes.
  1. Exercise. While it may seem a no-brainer, exercise confers multiple benefits, including stress management. Devote 30 minutes a day to some form of exercise to reach your highest level of performance.
  1. Become politically active. Engaging with legislative organizations can help you gain more control over laws that impact your practice.
  1. Have fun. Physicians need to let their hair down, especially considering the stresses associated with making life and death decisions every day.
  1. Network. Tools are available to help physicians derive better professional satisfaction and sustain medical practices. For example, the American Medical Association (AMA) has developed a series of knowledge-based educational modules called the AMA Steps Forward program.

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  1. Hi Rob! Thank you for sharing your article. These tips are very helpful for our doctors. Because of their stressful job, sometimes it might be hard to loosen up. Goo thing you were able to share this post. Personally, one way that can help me relax is through thanking nature – meditating and cooking. This world is full of challenges but at the same time it is still a beautiful life to live. Will,


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