hands shakingIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has to be worth a million. That’s why physiciansweekly.com has partnered with MEDtube.net to bring you videos provided by physicians, clinicians, and medical societies worldwide.

MEDtube’s founders believe that medical sciences as we know them today will be revolutionized by innovation and the application of new technologies — visual ones in particular. We share in this belief, as well as their desire to bring the global medical community closer together by facilitating the sharing of medical knowledge beyond the local level.

You can view and comment on our initial collection of MEDtube videos housed in our eMedia library. Have an instructional or informational video of your own you would like to share? Send us a brief description. If we use your video we’ll send you a Physician’s Weekly coffee mug.

Our new partnership with MEDtube is part of our master plan to deliver a rich mix of content in an easily digestible format on physiciansweekly.com. The partnership follows on the heels of our launch of the redesigned website in March. Stay tuned for additional enhancements to the site as we work our way down our wishlist. What’s on your wishlist? Tell us!