Physician's Weekly mobile websiteIf you visited the Physician’s Weekly website from your smartphone this week, the news that our mobile site went live will come as no surprise.

Having experienced a 382% increase in visits from smartphones since this same time last year, and with 18% of visitors using their phones to access the site, we set to work on a mobile version just after the redesign of the full site last March. The mobile site includes all the same content you are accustomed to seeing on the main site, but has been modified with a mobile-friendly, menu-driven design. “Our new mobile site addresses the preferences of a significant portion of our digital audience,” said Jon Nichol, Creative Director for Physician’s Weekly. “We are keenly aware of the exponential increases in mobile use — especially among healthcare professionals — and we will make continual refinements based on new technology and visitor preferences as they evolve.”

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As we said last March, we encourage you to let us know whether we’re delivering. So look us up on your smartphone if you haven’t already, and send us your feedback in the comments area below.