The next time you visit us, you may see a completely different website.

For months we have been biting our tongues as we revamped the site, and if you like us now, we think you’ll be dazzled by what we have in store for you.

For starters, we have added some new article categories to the site, including Business of Medicine — encompassing news about healthcare reform — Medical Technology and Career Concerns, and we will be working on enhancing our coverage of these issues in coming months.

Sneak preview of our new home page

You should find it easier to locate the information you’re looking for quickly. Articles can be searched by topic (for example, hypertension) from one main menu, with previews of articles displayed for each topic area.

You will also be able to share, rate and comment on any article on the site, and reply to comments made by your colleagues. Links to related content will be included alongside every article as well.

Our popular eBooks will now be displayed on a virtual bookshelf (think iPad), for convenient browsing through the eBook library.

Finally, we would like to invite healthcare professionals to write for our new Guest Blogger column. Submit your idea for a blog or feature article when the site debuts and if we accept your idea, we’ll publish it on the site and send you a Physician’s Weekly coffee mug or t-shirt, along with our gratitude.

We’ll keep you informed on our progress in the days leading up to our relaunch, but if you are not a subscriber to our weekly newsletter and would like to be notified when the new goes live, subscribe now so you don’t miss our big reveal!