To increase the effectiveness of treatment of hypotonic functional dysphonia using physiotherapy in patients with neurovegetative disorders.
The study included 42 patients, aged from 25 to 64 years, with disturbed vocal function, which included anamnestic analysis, an objective study of ENT organs by conventional methods, a video stroboscopy of the larynx, a cytological study of smears from the laryngeal mucosa, and the determination of the functional state of the autonomic nervous system (ANS).
The clinical-physiological study of VNS shows neurovegetative dysfunction (inadequate autonomic support of activity) in 10 patients. In these patients, the traditional conservative treatment was ineffective. Acupuncture used for treatment of neurovegetative disorders in these patients significantly improves the results of traditional treatment.
The results indicate an increase in the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatment (reflexotherapy using magnetic-infrared laser radiation and acupuncture) of ANS condition. These measures can be carried out in conjunction with traditional methods of treatment or in the case of their low efficiency.