This study focuses on Capability in relational abilities is a center competency of residency preparing. We assessed the possibility, adequacy and relevance of a virtual world target organized clinical assessment that empowers practice based learning and evaluation of occupant relational abilities. A virtual clinical experience arranged in 2 practice settings was built up that utilizes a human symbol doctor and a normalized persistent. Following an online instructional exercise house staff partook in 4 correspondence assignments, including shared dynamic, conveying terrible news, getting educated assent and unveiling a clinical blunder. Approved instruments and semistructured interviews were utilized to survey house staff adequacy and materialism of the stage. Three employees utilized ACS (Affective Competency Scale) and correspondence explicit appraisal instruments to assess house staff execution. A sum of 12 urology house staff finished the recreation. Direct expenses were around $1,000. The virtual world was not difficult to utilize and vivid. Pertinence straightforwardly connected with presence .

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