The kidney is considered to be one of the most important organs of the body. This is a vital organ when it comes to the excretory system of the body. However, this organ is extremely sensitive to cadmium-induced toxicity. This sensitivity is particularly reported in the incidents wherein the person is known to suffer from long term oxidate stress. This condition might be normal for healthy patients. However, when it comes to patients who are already a victim of chronic kidney diseases, such side effects are likely to worsen the optimal graft function. Therefore, it is really essential to ascertain the correlation between the two variables with the help of properly defined researches. Hence, a sample of 800 patients was taken, wherein nearly 500 patients were the ones who were already suffering from kidney-related infections. On proper research and analysis, it was discovered that the median plasma in the people with cadmium was 58ng/L. However, the same median plasma which was normal for the healthy patients became dangerous and hazardous for those 500 patients who had kidney-related infections. This showed that the presence of cadmium was very much risky for the patients who were dealing with the problems of the kidney.

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