To date, there are few studies that describe pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy of posaconazole delayed release tablet (DRT) formulation in the pediatric population.
We evaluated retrospectively posaconazole plasma concentrations and safety of posaconazole DRT in pediatric hematology-oncology patients.
Posaconazole DRT was assessed in 28 hematological pediatric patients with a median age 15 of years (range 5-18) and a median body weight of 50 kg (range 22-83 kg). Twenty-one patients received posoconazole DRT as prophylaxis and 7 patients as therapy.
As prophylaxis, the median daily dose was 5.5 mg/kg/day (range 2.2-22.2) with posaconazole trough level ≥ 0.7 μg/mL in 80% by first week, 62.5% by second week, and 87.5% by fourth week. As therapy, the median daily dose was 4 mg/kg/day (range 3.3-4.5) with trough level ≥ 1 μg/mL 100% by first week, 80% by second week and 33.4% by fourth week.
Posaconazole DRT is feasible in pediatric patients capable to swallow tablets. Specific pharmacokinetic studies are needed.

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