The COVID-19 pandemic has brought attention back to its spread in medical staff. A survey-based study was conducted to combine general information related to COVID-19 exposures, acceptances, vaccines received, and side effects. The majority (62.3%) of healthcare professionals had acquired COVID-19 infection from hospital environment (51.5%) mainly who treated (64%) COVID-19 patients. 54% healthcare respondents expressed ‘high acceptance’ towards COVID-19 vaccines. 88% received COVID-19 vaccination. The majority of healthcare personnel received SinoPharm (65%). 82.3% did not acquire COVID-19 post-vaccination. 38% mild side effects were observed from vaccination. Following were the general side-effects: myalgia (18.2%), the feeling of sickness (16%), fever (15.6%), dizziness (7.8%), joint pain (7.4%), chills (4.8%), and flu (4.8%). Following were the common neurological side-effects reported: headache (18.2%), fatigue (16.5%), muscle pain (16%), numbness/tingling (3%), and migraine (2.6%). Nausea and diarrhoea were reported in only 3.5% of respondents. Bad taste was reported in only 3% of respondents. The 1.7% reported rash and itching. The majority of the healthcare professionals did not report significant side effects related to neurological, gastroenterological, skin and oral categories. To assess the vaccines’ potential for substantial and long-term or chronic effects, more study with a larger sample size and a longer follow-up time is required.