This research is basically linked to different radiation therapy techniques. These are used to plan postoperative radiation and hence ensure that they have the possibility of immediate restriction. Therefore, with an intent to measure the management and the execution of the new techniques for understanding the execution of the technology used to care for the patients suffering from the deadly disease of the virus, in the new European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology-Advisory Committee Oncology Practice. These radiation therapy techniques are extremely helpful in ensuring that the breats cancer is cured in the minimum possible time. Therefore, the results of this research highlight the important facts. These include that different radiation therapies are used to plan for setting up IBR. this is used to ensure that the organs are able to protect themselves against any harmful diseases. Therefore, the medicines which are used to treat the problem of cancer, therefore they are extremely dangerous for the other organs. This can decrease the risk of affecting other organs. These techniques are really helpful in various regards.

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