This study highlights the impact of the technologies of radiotherapies which play an important role in curing the patients who are treated with deadly cancer. Therefore, every country is ensuring that it making everything possible to ensure that people are treated in the best possible manner. Therefore, many governments are investing millions and tonnes of monies to ensure that the research centers are able to contribute to the research in the best possible manner. There has been researching that was conducted to ensure that the people are in a position to afford the expensive treatment. The European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology suggested that the people who are already suffering from these deadly diseases should be kept at ease and hence, all the necessary procedures must be followed keeping in mind their affording capacity. In order to ensure that no person is left without treatment, it is equally important to realize that the people should lend a helping hand in ensuring that the people are able to contribute in the best possible manner and hence assure that they are able to contribute in research.

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