Supplementation is an integral part of modern dairy-feeding practices which mainly emphasise on higher production. Different supplements have been utilized by the farmers according to the need and action of supplements. Tinospora cordifolia (TC) is one such herbal supplement which can be utilized to feed dairy animals either alone or in combination with other supplements. TC is a herb found in tropical countries and having number of medicinal properties. Beneficial health effects of TC include immunostimulation, protection against inflammation and bacterial action, hepatoprotection, antioxidant and antineoplastic effects. Available studies on TC supplementation in dairy animals have shown a positive effect on health, body parameters and production performance. Supplementing TC is economically feasible, and it can be adopted by farmers as it helps in improving their net income. However, more research is needed in the field of dairy animals to explore the full potential of this herb. This review is written with the objective of highlighting the possibilities of using TC in dairy animal rations and promoting research in the concerned field to fill the gaps in knowledge. Thorough knowledge about TC and its effect in dairy animals can add a new concept to the supplementation process and developments of dairy rations.
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