Professional literature and existing research that are significantly related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has increasingly focused and emphasized identifying interventions and strategies most likely to lead to successful outcomes.

Even though a lot of research is being conducted, unfortunately, there is still a lack of research documenting the basic foundational structure and supports needed to promote successful classroom experiences and outcomes. The primary research gap identified was that the literature does not clearly define the essential educational elements necessary for all students with an ASD diagnosis. This study reports educational practitioners’ recommendations for foundational elements for four groups of elementary-age learners with ASD who differed in age and severity of the disability-related to this void. Participants also offered suggestions for support and program resources that fell within nine categories that can be utilized to better and revise the interventions.

The study concluded through its findings relative to the extant literature and implications for pre-service teacher preparation, educators’ professional development, and introductory programming for learners with ASD.