The purpose of this study was to assess whether there is a risk of kidney disease during the postpartum period of women who had preeclampsia (PE). This is because it was observed that PE is linked to kidney disorders during the postpartum period. Therefore, research was required to explore the association between these factors.

In total 4149 studies were evaluated, 35 articles met the inclusion criteria and therefore were included in the review, of which 3 of the CKD and 6 of the ESRD presented the necessary outcomes to compose the meta-analysis. A formal registration protocol was included in the PROSPERO database. There was a statistically significant difference between the development of CKD and ESRD in postpartum women affected by PE.

The findings of this study concluded that PE was considered a risk factor for the onset of CKD and ESRD in the postpartum period. Thus, more research is needed to clarify the underlying mechanisms of this association, and to assist in determining the most appropriate and effective clinical conduct to prevent and/or treat such complications.