A better understanding of prognostic factors in ulcerative colitis (UC) could improve patient management and reduce complications. We aimed to identify evidence-based predictors for outcomes in pediatric UC, which may be used to optimize treatment algorithms.
Potential outcomes worthy of prediction in UC were determined by surveying 202 experts in pediatric UC. A systematic review of the literature, with selected meta-analysis, was performed to identify studies that investigated predictors for these outcomes. Multiple national and international meetings were held to reach consensus on evidence-based statements.
Consensus was reached on 31 statements regarding predictors of colectomy, acute severe colitis (ASC), chronically active pediatric UC, and cancer or mortality. At diagnosis, disease extent (six studies, n=627; P=.035), Pediatric Ulcerative Colitis Activity Index (PUCAI) score (four studies, n=318; P10 years), male sex, younger age at diagnosis, and thiopurine use.
These evidence-based consensus statements offer predictions to be considered for a personalized medicine approach in treating pediatric UC.

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