The treatment of cancer comes in various forms and types. This is because of the sole reason that the people these days are able to ensure that the best possible treatment is available to the people. This is because of the sole reason that every person wants to save his or her family members. Therefore, radiotherapy which is ideally used in curing the bone pain which is induced due to the growth of abnormal cells in the body i.e. cancer is basically having different levels of efficacy which differs from case to case. Therefore, no biomarker is used in clinical practice to predict the response and after-effects of XRT. therefore, the elements of this medicine include substances like cytokines. These are very helpful in treating the response to make robust biomarkers, which will be playing a vital role in making this medicine effective for every kind patient irrespective of the fact that the patient is suffering from stage I or stage IV cancer. Therefore, an attempt is being made to encourage the research and findings which is able to enhance the result.

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