To preoperatively assess the neurodevelopment of a predominantly white population of children with moyamoya angiopathy (MMA).
Assessments of 40 children with MMA (24 females, 16 males; mean age 6y 11mo, range 20mo-16y) included tests for non-verbal IQ and fine motor skills, and questionnaires on quality of life, behaviour, and executive functions. The Paediatric Stroke Outcome Measure (PSOM) score was evaluated by a paediatric neurologist.
Children with MMA had significantly lower non-verbal IQ scores (mean IQ 92.1, SD 19.6, p=0.015) and fine motor skills (z-score -1.84, p=0.004) than population norms. Patients with posterior cerebral artery (PCA) involvement had poorer non-verbal IQ scores than those without (79.6, SD 24.6 vs 95.2, SD 17.2, p=0.042). Higher PSOM scores were related to lower non-verbal IQ scores (Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient -0.43, p=0.006), while the presence of stroke, bilaterality, disease versus syndrome, and age at diagnosis had no significant effect on non-verbal IQ. Quality of life, behaviour, and executive functions were in the typically developing range.
Children with MMA are more likely to manifest intellectual and fine motor skill impairment before surgical intervention. PCA involvement is an additional risk factor for lower non-verbal IQ.

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