Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is one of the major health concerns of women in developing countries. This study gives an insight into the prevalence and genotype distribution of HPV infection and compares it with Pap smear results among Iranian women.
In this study, 12,076 Iranian women underwent routine examination from November 2016 to November 2018 using HPV Direct Flow CHIP System for HPV DNA typing. Cytology methods were also undertaken for 5,138 samples.
Overall HPV prevalence was calculated at 38.68%. The most frequent HPV types were HPV 6, 16, 11, 62/81, 52, and 54, respectively; and, the most high-risk HPV types were HPV 16, 52, 18, 39, 31, and 51. These two groups represent about half of all HPV types detected-47% and 55%, respectively. Among individuals who underwent cytological tests, 135 individuals (2.63%) were cytologically positive. In this group, 81 individuals (60%) were HPV positive as well, 62 (76%) of whom were HR-HPV positive and among them, the most frequent type was HPV 16 (34%).
This study highlights the urgent need for public education and also early diagnosis using HPV screening tests to prevent cervical cancer.

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