This study aimed to determine the prevalence of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in osteoporotic vertebral fractures.
Data were retrospectively collected from the medical records of 50 patients who were admitted to the Kameda Medical Center for osteoporotic vertebral fracture from 2019 to 2020. Inpatients were screened for DVT using D-dimer, and those who were screened positive underwent lower extremity venous ultrasonography to confirm DVT. Associations between various clinical factors and DVT were analyzed.
Six (12.0%) inpatients with osteoporotic vertebral fractures were found to have DVT. Two (33.3%) of the six had proximal DVT, although no pulmonary embolism was detected by chest computed tomography angiography. Univariate analysis showed that D-dimer values and duration from onset to hospitalization were predictive of DVT (P 0.05).
The prevalence of DVT among inpatients with osteoporotic vertebral fractures was 12.0%. This finding emphasizes the importance of DVT screening using D-dimer in those with osteoporotic vertebral fractures.