To evaluate the quality of the contrast images obtained with a Primovist® (gadoxetate disodium) Magnetic Resonance Image in order to diagnose benign, malignant and malformations in the urinary tract.
A retrospective image and diagnosis review of Primovist® MRI studies performed in liver insufficient patients without apparent renal abnormalities was done, in order to evaluate the urinary tract for irregularities.
A total of 117 Primovist® MRI studies performed between july 2014 and November 2018 were reviewed, 5 were excluded because they were incomplete. The average age was 59.6 ± 16.6 years old. The following diagnosis were encountered: 36 simple cysts, 6 perirenal fibrosis after pyelonephritis, 1 renal cancer, 1 renal atrophy, 1 proximal uretheric flexure, 1 bilateral hydronephrosis due to lower urinary obstruction because of benign prostatic hyperplasia and 1 complex cyst. No MRI study was indicated with suspicions of renal abnormalities. Relevant images are included that demonstrate the capability of Primovist® MRI to diagnose renal abnormalities.
Even though none of the Primovist® MRI studies was done with suspicious of renal abnormalities it was possible to diagnose incidental benign, malignant and malformations of the urinary tract. This study shows how Primovist® MRI can be useful contrast study for urinary tract irregularities.