Four recombinant (r) allergens (rAmb a 8.0101, rArt v 4.0101, rBet v 2.0101, and rPhl p 12.0101) were successfully produced and used for sensitization studies. The allergens belong to the profilin family which is one of the most numerous allergen families. These four proteins represent allergens originating from pollen of weeds (rAmb a 8.0101 and rArt v 4.0101), tree (rBet v 2.0101) and grass (rPhl p 12.0101). The recombinant allergens were characterized using various biochemical and biophysical methods and tested for their ability to bind patient-derived antibodies. One hundred patients aged 2 to 50 years sensitized to pollen and plant-derived food allergens (IgE > 0.35 kU/L) were included. Sensitization to individual allergen sources and components of birch and timothy pollens was evaluated using multiparameter immunoblots. The presence of IgE to pollen-derived recombinant profilins rAmb a 8.0101, rArt v 4.0101, rBet v 2.0101, and rPhl p 12.0101 in serum was evaluated using ELISA method. The presence of IgE against pollen profilins was detected in 20 out of 100 studied patients. High correlation was seen between IgE ELISA results with individual pollen profilins. In summary, it was shown that the recombinant versions of the four allergenic profilins can be used for sensitization studies and for component-resolved allergy diagnostics.